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NOVEMBER 2, 1984 A meeting was called by the New Hope Prayer Band on the above date to organize the Prayer Band into a Church.  Devotion was conducted by Deacon Lacy L. Rice, First Baptist Church, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and Deacon John Clarkson, Solid Rock Baptist Church, Vine Grove, Kentucky.  They led the congregation in singing “What a Fellowship” and “Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross;” Deacon Lacy Rice then led in prayer.  Reverend C.W. Kelly, Pastor , Morning Star Baptist Church, Radcliff, Kentucky, and Moderator of the meeting came forward and called for the reading of the program.  Responsive Reading was led by the Rev. Donohue Price, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Moderator Kelly then introduced the members of the organizing council, Rev. C.W. Kelly, Moderator;  Rev. Donohue Price, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hodgenville, Kentucky; Rev. B.H. Shropshire, Pastor, Solid Rock Baptist Church, Vine Grove, Kentucky; Rev. Carl A. Luper, Pastor, Little Zion Baptist Church, Glendale, Kentucky and Rev. B.T. Bishop, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Elizabethtown, Kentucky and secretary of the council.  Moderator Kelly then read the resolution.  Motion prevailed by the Rev. B.T. Bishop and seconded by the Rev. Carl Luper that the resolution be adopted and entered into the Church records.  Motion carried.

Moderator Kelly then stated that by the adoption of the resolution and the church covenant and articles of faith, that this fellowship be named the NEW HOPE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH OF RADCLIFF, KENTUCKY, 1574 LINCOLN TRAIL.

Letters of dismission was read from the Morning Star Baptist Church of the Rev. O.C Jones, Sr., and Family and Deacon Clarence L. Collins and Mrs. Katherine Collins from the First Baptist Church of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, that they may organize this new church.  Moderator then gave the charge to the chartered members.  The named members are: Rev. O.C Jones Sr., Mrs. Lougusta Jones, Brother O.C Jones Jr., Clarence Collins, Catherine Collins, Rashann Jones, and Pamela Jones.  Prayer was offered by Rev. Carl Luper, Pastor, Little Zion Baptist Church, Glendale, Kentucky.

Moderator Kelly then called Rev. O.C Jones, Sr., to be installed as the Pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.  Reverend B.H. Shropshire read from the scripture, Ezekiel 3:17-21. Following the reading of the Scriptures, Moderator Kelly gave some timely admonitions to Rev. O.C Jones, Sr., and called for his pledge of acceptance.

Reverend Bishop was asked by Rev. Kelly to give the charge to rev. O.C Jones, Sr., as pastor.  Moderator then came forward to give the charge to the charge to the New Hope Baptist Church and the council called.  Reverend Jones then stated his willingness under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead according to the spirit’s leadership.  Reverend Carl Luper was called upon to offer prayer.  This was the installation prayer.  He prayed with much fervor.

Reverend Donohue Price was then asked to read Scripture.  He read Matthew 28:16-20.  The congregational hymn was called for.  Deacons Lacy L. Rice and John Clarkson led in singing “Pass Me Not.”  After this inspiring selection, Pastor Kelly came forward with the message of the evening.  Prior to the message, he made some introductory statements.  Using the passage that was read, Matthew 28:18-20, the subject was “THE CONTINUATION OF A DIVINE BEGINNING.”  Pastor Kelly stated that there was a lot of beginnings in this life, but a few divine beginnings.  To continue means to carry on what has already begun.  There is an unfinished work because continuation is necessary.  Qualified ordained individuals are to carry on and continue the work unto the end.  This divine ending is unavoidable.  The church was given marching orders by Jesus and never has been rescinded.  The continuation of Divine beginning must be carried on until everyone has heard the news of the Kingdom of God.  The message was delivered with much power and enjoyed by all.

The invitation was extended by Pastor Kelly for membership and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ upon singing “Glory To His Name” by the congregation.  Deacon Gary Menzies came forward seeking membership by Christian Experience.  Upon his statement, he was received by the elevation of their right hand by the members of the New Hope Baptist Church.  Moderator Kelly asked the members of the New Hope Baptist Church to come forward to be extended the right hand of fellowship by the council members and the congregation singing “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms.”

The Deacons were asked to lift the offering.  The first offering of the church amounted to $72.37.  Reverend B.H. Shropshire asked God’s blessings upon the offering.

Secretary Bishop then came forward to read the minutes.  Upon a motion by Rev. B.H. Shropshire and second by Rev. Carl Luper, the minutes was adopted.  Moderator Kelly then turned the meeting over to Rev. O.C Jones. Sr., the newly installed Pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church, who made timely remarks and offered the benediction after the members made their remarks.

Benediction at 9:30 P.M.

Rev. C.W. Kelly, Moderator

Rev. B.T. Bishop, Secretary

*** The original Minutes are on file in the church archives ***

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